Screening of “Hello World! Processing” at FamiLAB Open House on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

For the kickoff meeting of Processing Orlando, we are going to be screening Hello World! Processing, the first in a documentary series on open creative programming languages. This first one is focused on Processing and runs about 40 minutes. This screening will take place during FamiLAB’s open house at 8pm on April 2nd.

What: Hello World! Processing, a short documentary film on creative coding
Who: Anyone interested in learning about how creative people are using programming, whether or not you know what Processing is.
When: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 at 8pm
Where: FamiLAB, 1355 Bennett Drive, Longwood FL 32750, in unit 129
How: This event is free, but please RSVP for the April 2nd FamiLAB Open House

Although this film is available online, the creators are encouraging people around the world to screen it in real life.

More about the first documentary:

Hello World! Processing is a documentary on creative coding that explores the role that ideas such as process, experimentation and algorithm play in this creative field featuring artists, designers and code enthusiasts. Based on a series of interviews to some of the leading figures of the Processing open programming platform community, the documentary is built itself as a continuous stream of archived references, projects and concepts shared by this community.

It is the first chapter of a documentary series on three programming languages -Processing, Open Frameworks y Pure data- that have increased the role of coding in the practice of artists, designers and creators around the world.

The series explores the creative possibilities expanded by these open source tools and the importance of their growing online communities.

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Here’s an article about the Hello World! series from we make money not art, a well known contemporary art blog.